My role

I worked with UX/UI Designer of the company. I was involved in the full UX cycle from target audience study to low & high fidelity prototypes creation including interviews, empathy map, CJM, and data architecture.


  • The user of the admin panel sees information of all clients attached to him at the same time – confusing.

  • The process of authorizing for a client and adding a client to an account is complex and implicit.

  • There are no restrictions on access rights. All information contained in the admin panel is available to all content managers and other internal users.

  • Navigation is not intuitive.


There is a need to separate the functionality of the admin panel by roles.
At the moment, main controls in the admin panel are based in the modal window, which is not an obvious action from the user point of view and slows down the work.
This means that disbanding the functions hidden under the pencil icon into an accessible menu will allow us to improve the user experience and speed up the work with the admin panel.

Original version

Empathy Map


CJM as is / CJM to be

Data architecture


We introduce access to the functionality of the admin panel according to the user's role.
We change the authorization system on the client. When choosing a client, authorization occurs automatically.
We show the user only the information that concerns the client for which he is authorized.
We make the site navigation transparent and understandable. We remove the pencil icon and transform the modal window with the main controls into the Main menu.

High fidelity

iMac Screen