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Designers Ecosystem

Ecosystem for digital designers which includes educational courses, art competitions, exhibitions, festivals, and freelance opportunities.

The project shows designers, lecturer's parts, investigation and implementation, and mobile version for students.

Designers during their career take many courses and have a lot of amount of learning materials.

The goal is to create easily collectible and searchable materials during the study process.

Also, designers can take short courses to upgrade their skills in specific fields.

There are a lot of professional competitions, festivals, and exhibitions on different platforms. They could be collected in a single place.

UX/UI Designer

I worked in a team of two junior UX designers throughout the course.

I was involved in the full UX cycle from target audience study to low & high fidelity prototypes creation including interviews, empathy map, CJM, mobile, and data architecture.

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Students research

Students face problems with reusing and searching for their information. Research conducted on students has clearly shown that all 30 respondents pointed to the same pain areas.

Curator research

Curators need to have tools to measure students’ engagement and performance. Notifications and real-time feedback are essential for better communication during the modules. Surveys will be helpful after the course to understand where it can be improved.

Lecturer research

Lecturers store the study materials on third-party platforms. They aren’t able to track students’ progress as well as have no proper analysis of students' performance growth. There isn’t a notification system of the course events.

Competitors research

Competitors' research showed that most known LMS platforms see the student’s personal area as a low priority feature and just now some of them start to refer to this issue.

Pain points

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“I am looking for a course where I can focus on productive learning, with a strong background and a user-friendly platform.”

Hen is 26. She is a frontend developer who needs to upgrade her skills because her company has decided that frontend developers have to be skilled in UX design to achieve a balance of function over a form.


“I feel personally responsible if my students don’t find their place in the industry.”

Kek is a professional psychologist. For the last 11 years, he has been managing a design studio. Kek would like to share his knowledge and grow the professional community. His courses are popular amongst the students. He is happy to see his students returning for new courses and meetups.


Low fidelity

UI kit

High fidelity

mobile prototype


students' prototype


lecturers' prototype

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