Examples of tasks that I completed for different purposes. 

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UI Test

UX Test 


The X-Day product is being used by promotional companies who want to promote products on special days.


1. The user has a product he wants to promote but is not sure which are the best days to promote it.

2. The user wants to get insights and statistics about each day (geographic areas, demographics, etc.)

3. The user wants to get sales team assignment recommendations.

Functionalities this platform support:

- X-Day exploration - through either the type of product being promoted or the time of year the campaign will be running in.

- Each X-Day chosen can provide info about the people celebrating it and their locations.

- Recommend the most suitable locations for promotion and sales activities based on the analysis and chosen date.

UX Test


You need to learn how to use the platform, its structure, and the different places where every data analysis sits. And it’s not always easy for non-techy users to do so without training, so they are getting lost in the system.

We want to make it much more proactive - giving you clear answers and proactive insights on your business questions, and the top (common) business question in general.

Build and design a Question Builder also called “natural language form”.

UX Test 

Within our fleet management tool, we would like to add a new scheduling module.


User Scenario:

David is the fleet manager for a small plumbing business. His fleet consists of 12 vehicles (a mix of ICE vehicles and electric vehicles) and 10 plumbers. The plumbing jobs are added manually to the system (collected and scheduled by phone and then inputted into the system). Each job has a description, time slot, and location.

David arrives in the morning and uses the system to assign and schedule jobs for the upcoming days.


The task is to research this user scenario, explore and present relevant references we can learn from,

and design a low fidelity concept (2-3 screens or as needed to convey the concept) for a web-based scheduling module. In addition, please provide a sketch of a mobile screen for the plumber’s daily schedule.

UI Test 

UI Exercise